Attention Marketers Who Want To Build Bigger Lists,
Gain More Influence And Maximize Your Sales:
Finally: The Exact Power Words That
Persuade More Of Your Prospects To
Say "Yes" To Your Offers... On The Spot!
Say hello to The Yes Reflex... also known as "music to your ears."  =) 

Now clearly... your goal is to get more of your prospects saying "Yes!" to your offers more of the time... and yet... there's a big problem that can stand in your way. 

You see, some words attract your prospect and help switch on this Yes Reflex , while others words send them packing, never to be seen by you again. 

And when you know the exact words that trigger a response... that stimulate your prospect's emotional hot buttons...  

You‘re practically guaranteed to see better results. Which means your conversions will skyrocket, you'll make more money... and you'll have more influence with your tribe. 

Look at it this way... the right flow of words help keep your prospect's eyes fixed to the screen... 

Like marketing super glue. 
Hack Your Prospect's Brain
For Higher Conversions And Sales
Now here’s the thing... success in selling anything depends in large part on the words you use...
or don't use.  

And before you write or say a single word... you want to uncover the dominant emotions your prospect is feeling about their problem or situation. 

Then... whether it's fear, anger, hope, happiness, love or any of the 18 different emotions , use power words and phrases that excite and turn on their emotions in your copy. 

Check this out... 
Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says 95% of your decision-making process takes
place in your subconscious mind... 

Which is influenced by your emotional state.   
Of course, the same is true for your prospect. 
Ultimately it's vital you use emotional power words throughout your sales copy... in order to get more of your prospects to say "Yes!" to your offers.

Now there's another reason to use these words... and it may surprise you.
You see, according to the triune brain theory, your prospect's brain is like three brains in one.

There is the "modern brain", which  
is where thinking and logic reside...

The "emotional brain" where you process emotional triggers... 

And the decision-making part of the brain, which is often referred to as  
"the lizard brain."
The lizard brain is the oldest part of the brain and gets distracted easily... like a 2 year old child playing with their toys.

Oddly enough... this means your prospect can lose interest in what you say in the blink of an eye. 

By using words and phrases that spark your prospect's emotions and stimulate their  5 senses...
your copy will attract, persuade and convert...  

Which means another opt-in or sale for you. 
The Big Book Of Emotional 
Power Words That Sell
Your Must-Have Resource That Empowers You 
To Get Higher Conversions And Sales.
  • Discover why emotional copy gets results... with your guide to 18 different emotions, the five senses and the lizard brain... plus the real reason why SEX words sell.
  • Increase response with words that trigger your prospect's dominant emotions... including fear, anger, frustration and betrayal.. .along with hope, faith and love.
  • Whip up persuasive sales copy fast... with a total of 3,501 power words and phrases you can use right now
    in your sales letters, VSLs, email copy and blog posts.
  • Boost your copy's conversion power... with 300 transition phrases that keep your prospects glued to
    the screen and watching your sales videos.
  • Generate more cash, influence and success... without scrambling to find the most persuasive and compelling emotional power words when you need them.
Go Behind The Scenes And Discover 
Why Emotional Copy Gets Results
You get a total of 3,501 words ready for you to use...  and each of the word categories includes a set of 100-400 words and phrases each.   

What's more, each category is explained... so you'll know why and when to use these power words and phrases for optimal results. 
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"Secret" Words
  • Get instant access to dozens of "Secret" words and phrases... and create more compelling copy.
  • Tap into your prospect's hidden desires... and keep them engaged from start to finish.
  • Add secrecy and intrigue to your copy... and boost your conversions and sales..
It's Easy To 
Get Started Now
Listen... you must simply refuse to write another line of copy ... or have another line of copy written
for you... until you get this book. 

That is, if your goal is higher conversions, more influence with your tribe and a bigger bank account as a result. 
As to the price...

Well, my goal is to make it easy for you to own this book... because I know the difference it can and will make for your business...  

So you won't be asked to invest $47 as some might expect, not even $27. 

You can get this 80-page marketing resource along with the FREE bonus book of "Secret Words"...

For a single payment of only $17. 
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Now if you're on the fence, there's no risk because you have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.   
It's simple.  

If you don't see your conversions increase ... if you don't hear the sweet sound of success ringing up
with more sales...  

Or if you're not happy for any reason within your 
first 30 days... let me know and I'll refund your
small investment right away. 

All I ask is that you read the book from start to finish... and use these power words in your copy.  

Fair enough?
Carpe Diem... Because You Can.
One final thought...  

When you look at it now, there are two choices in front of you: 

You can take advantage of having all the emotional power words and phrases you could ever want, right at your fingertips...

Words that help you build rapport with your prospects and close more sales.

Or, you can settle for fewer conversions…

Less impact in the world... 

And the aching disappointment with not having the success you desire. 

The choice is yours, and it’s clear: 

Go ahead now and click on the red button below that says “I Want My Power Words!” ...

And claim your copy of The Big Book of Emotional Power Words That Sell... right now.  

Yours for abundance and success...
P.S. Remember... when you have a treasure chest of words that compel more of your prospects
to say Yes!" to your offers... you can more quickly build your business empire. So give yourself
a competitive edge and order your copy today. 
Claim Your Copy Of The Big Book Of
Emotional Power Words That Sell
For A One-Time Payment Of
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