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Make Money. Make A Difference.
Turn Your Vision Into Reality.
Quickly Take Your Business
From Where It Is Now To Where You Imagine It To Be.
Carpe Diem! Because You Can.
Back in the days of the Roman Empire, every road led directly to the capital city of Rome or linked to one of the major roads that did. 

The Ancient Roman road system spanned over 50,000 miles of paved roads, radiating from the center at the "miliarius aurem" in the Grand Roman Forum to places far and wide.

All roads started from this monument and
all distances were measured from here.  
Truly, a remarkable feat of engineering. 
Today the phrase "All roads lead to Rome" is a metaphor used to mean that all paths lead to the same goal...

And in this case, my outcome is to help you get your life-enhancing products and services into the hands of those who will benefit the most from them.
It's About You And 
Your Success
So how do we move forward?  Well, my mission is to help you communicate your
message persuasively, and inspire more of your prospects to take action.   

Our outcome here is that you see a boost in your conversions and sales... along with a growing fanbase of loyal subscribers and customers. 

Naturally, I want you to feel confident and comfortable that your trust in me will 
be well-placed. So allow me to share some highlights of my journey:
  • I have 25+ years experience in sales and marketing, and I sold over $15M of internet advertising from 1996-2002. I can help you sell.
  • My copywriting has generated millions of dollars in sales. And I've mentored with industry giants, including Jon Benson, considered
    the "godfather" of the VSL.
  • I understand persuasion and the psychology of human behavior. I can help you grow and expand your business.
  • Creativity and intuition are key to crafting the perfect message to reach your tribe. I am blessed with both... and put them in service to you.
  • I love working with conscious marketers and entrepreneurs. Together we can make a positive difference in the world.
Remember... deep down your ideal prospect wants to join your list... they want to buy from you and become a customer... and I can help you make this happen.
Let's Make A Deal

Over the last decade, I've been writing sales copy and helping entrepreneurs like you develop strategic sales funnels that get results. 

Along the way I've made my clients a lot of money... and watched them gain influence and impact in the world. It will be a privilege to help you do the same.

So... if you're passionate about what you have to offer, you're committed to excellence and focused on creating outstanding value for your tribe... let's talk.
Contact me to discuss any of the following:
  • You're launching a new product or service and need VSLs (video sales letters), sales pages or direct mail pieces that convert.
  • You want to build or increase the size of your prospect list and need lead capture pages and email campaigns that get results.
  • You want to revise headlines and other copy to keep your prospects engaged and clicking the "buy now" button.
  • You're looking for a copy chief to watch over your shoulder and help refine your existing copy for maximum response and results.
  • You want help creating profit-pulling opt-in funnels, tripwire and sales funnels, product launch funnels and webinar funnels for your business.
  • You want to consult with an idea guy who can identify new profit opportunities in your copy, sales funnels and marketing campaigns.
Carpe Diem!
On a personal note I'm a long-time student of the mysterious side of life and 
an avid movie goer. Nothing like a good story to stir those creative juices.  

On a sunny summer afternoon you may find me on the golf course... enjoying 
a walk near the beach... or hiking along some beautiful mountain trail.

And if you're passionate about making a difference in our world, I'm positive 
we'll have lots to discuss.

Until then... Carpe Diem! Because You Can. 

To your success,
P.S. Contact me to discuss the possibilities, and for information on rates.
Samples are also available on request.    

P.P.S. I've created a Free Report called, "The One Word." This one word
can double or triple your conversions... practically overnight.   

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