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Discover The Secret To Creating
Magical Profit-Pulling Sales Funnels
When You Build It Right
They Will Buy Now...
And They Will Buy Again.
Create Value. Celebrate Results.
The best sales funnels by design lead your prospect from first contact to first purchase... and then on to repeat purchases over time.

It begins with knowing your "Customer Avatar." What are your ideal customer's hopes, dreams and fears... what are the problems and challenges they face?

Research and survey your market when possible to get clear about their wants, desires and needs... as well as their frustrations and fears.

You want to get inside their head and heart and listen to the conversation they are having with themselves. 
Next, solve their problems, one step at a time. 

Knowledge in hand, create the perfect "love offering"... also known as the "lead magnet". You will give this away in exchange for their email address and often, their name. Depending on your niche, you may ask for their phone number as well.

Once they opt-in and accept your gift, let your funnel work its magic. In other words, "congrats on a successful first date." 
Provide Irresistible Value
Each Step Of The Way
Your opt-in offer is the beginning of a relationship that ideally becomes life long. Your customer becomes like a "significant other," and you're wise to treat them like your lover and best friend. 

Each step in the funnel process builds on a symphony of sales copy and words that create high conversions, boatloads of cash along with a tribe of satisfied and loyal customers. What's more, they become repeat buyers. 

You are the conductor, creating irresistible value — the most important quality of your funnel — each step of the way. 

Get it right and they will buy... and keep on buying.
Whether you need a Lead Capture funnel, a Survey funnel, a VSL funnel, a Webinar funnel or multiple funnels... your journey begins here.  

Contact me to discuss availability for any of your sales funnel needs, including:
  • Big Picture Strategy — This is your Vision that becomes your Reality. It's the foundation upon which you build your business and marketing empire.  In other words, "Without vision, your prospects perish."  =)
  • Crafting The Perfect Lead Magnet — Your funnel begins here and provides an actionable benefit with recognizable value. Get your lead magnet right and you can start a sales avalanche.
  • Creating Your Port Of Entry — The Port of Entry builds your customer base with a low-priced offer that creates more value. Also called a "Tripwire" offer, this is where you sales revenue gets ignited.
  • Developing And Naming Your Core Offer — Your flagship product solves your customer's problem(s) and provides significant value. This offer helps form the foundation of your business empire.
  • Adding On Profit Booster Options — Also known as upsells or one time offers, these increase value and add to your bottom line.  Your outcome.... you have irresistible offers each step of your funnel.
  • Weave Your Return Path Email Sequence — Each step in your funnel
    is knit together with emails that lead to more sales.  You can add to your fortune with well-crafted follow-up email sequences.
  • Design and Build Your Perfect Funnel — Let's work together and create profit-pulling opt-in funnels, tripwire and sales funnels, product launch funnels, webinar funnels or custom funnels for your business.
Remember... deep down your ideal prospect wants to join your list... they want to buy from you and become a customer... and I can help you shepherd them through each of your various funnels.
Dream Big.
Whether you need an opt-in funnel, a tripwire funnel, a product launch funnel, a sales funnel, a webinar funnel... or a custom-built funnel...

The right kind of funnel with the right copy helps create an avalanche of new prospects, customers and sales. 

This is the vision and outcome I hold for you and your business. And when you have your high-converting funnels in place... life is good.

Until then... Carpe Diem!  Because You Can. 

To your success,
P.S. Contact me to discuss the possibilities, and for information on rates.
Samples are also available on request.    

P.P.S. I've created a Free Report called, "The One Word." This one word
can double or triple your conversions... practically overnight.   

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