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Who Else Can Envision A Huge Following Of
Raving Fans And Loyal Customers For Life?
How To Get Your Prospects
To Magically Say "Yes"...
24 Hours Around the Clock
Your Sales Copy Is The Master Key.
Fellow Conscious Marketer,

When you want to get the best possible results with your marketing... what you say and how you say it matters.  

In other words, copywriting that appeals to your prospect's emotions... and triggers a buying response... is what leads to marketing success.

It's rare that a product or service sells itself. Even "must-have" products or services need to be
effectively promoted and sold. 

Your outcome is to have copy that reaches deep
inside the mind and heart
of your prospect... and
then inspires him or her to take action.  
Think of it this way... good copy promoting a lesser quality product will outperform bad copy promoting a better quality product almost every time.   

And whether it’s a sales letter or a VSL, a lead capture page, an autoresponder email sequence or a piece of direct mail...

The right copy captures your visitor's attention and gets them to take action.  
It gives your marketing efforts a turbo-boost like just about nothing else can.

Without it, your conversions and sales will suffer.
Success Secret #1:
The Right Copy Gets BIG Results
Now with all that said, the right copy is Conscious Copy.  This is where you communicate, create and deliver value from start to finish... heart to heart.

Here's the process in a nutshell...
  • Know what your prospect deeply cares about. Know what they want
    and why they want it.  Appeal to their highest desires.
  • Empathize with your prospect's pain. Build rapport and trust.  
    People buy from those they know, like and trust.
  • Reveal the solution and how your solution benefits your prospect.  
    Focus on the benefits.  Features "tell" while Benefits "sell".
  • Use power words that trigger an emotional response and inspire
    your prospect to buy.  Buying decisions are emotional decisions.
  • Present proof elements that help seal the deal. Then, craft an offer
    your prospect can't refuse... and close the sale. 
  • Provide world-class customer service to build loyal fans for life.
    As a mentor of mine would say, "The fortune is in the follow-up."  
You see, deep down your ideal prospect wants to join your list... they want to buy from you and become a customer... and the right copy helps make it happen.
Success Secret #2:
The Right Formula Seals The Deal
Along with having the right copy, there is an enduring formula you can count on 
to help your business grow. 

Apply this formula and your success is virtually guaranteed.  

It may have begun when the first caveman started trading his wares. Not having been there, at least to my recollection, I can't say for sure. =)   

That said, the science of persuasion and success was born out of the natural desire to give and receive value in exchange for value. 

And whether in the streets of Ancient Egypt or the markets of Ancient Greece and Rome... in stores on Main Street, malls in Suburbia or at websites in cyberspace...

Those who understand and wield the magnetic power of this formula build global brands. They plant their flag atop the Mt. Everest of their industry or niche. 

The good news, it's not rocket science.    

Serve your market with their good in mind and your fortunes will be blessed. 
In fact, this formula can be summed up in three simple words...
What's more, it doesn't matter if you're selling digital products, physical products 
or services of some kind... because the principles are the same.
  • ATTRACT —  Cultivate a success mindset. Commit to providing outstanding value. Craft an irresistible offer. Promote and attract prospects to your sales letters, squeeze pages and direct mail campaigns like bees to honey.
  • PERSUADE —  Show and tell prospects (existing customers, too) in your copy why they should buy from you... and continue to buy. Use persuasion principles to evoke an emotional response and move them
    to take action... right now.
  • CONVERT — Test, track and tweak the headline, the copy and the offer. Get feedback from prospects and customers. Practice continuous improvement for optimal sales conversions, optins and results.
So... there you have it... your two-step path to marketing success. It's your blueprint to getting your products and services into the hands of those who
need them the most.

And whether you serve your local community... or a larger than life global cause... these two success secrets can
help you realize your dreams and goals.

Get the process and the formula right... and the boundless blue sky will open up for you.
Because Words Matter.
Naturally, it can help to have a guide along the way... which is where I come in. 
My goal is to help you fine-tune your strategy and message so it hits the mark. 

Ultimately, words matter. It's the right words composed with persuasive power 
that inspire your prospects to take action... and that get results. 

Reach out if you have something special to contribute to the world. Working together, I'm confident we can boost your conversions and sales... and grow 
your business as big as the vision you have for it. 

Until then... Carpe Diem! Because You Can. 

To your success,
P.S. Contact me to discuss the possibilities, and for information on rates.
Samples are also available on request.    

P.P.S. I've created a Free Report called, "The One Word." This one word
can double or triple your conversions... practically overnight.   

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